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"Are You Paralyzed By Procrastination, Fear Or Overwhelm And Can't Get What You Want In Life? ...These 5 Little-Known, Astonishingly Effective Pillars of Greatness Will Set You Free!"

 Without Personal Coaching

 Without Being Pushed

 Without Terrifying
Group Exercises

 Without "Faking" It

The REAL Story About THE Breakthrough System That Permanently Turns "Being Stuck In A Rut" Into Hope, Action And Happiness - Even When All Other Attempts Have Failed!

From: Jeff Smith
May 10, 2017

Dear Friend,

      Have you ever looked around you and wondered how others have consistently gotten ahead, seem happier or don't seem to have to go through the same daily struggles you do to get what they want?

Life looks unfair, you've felt that others have been dealt a better hand. It's not like you haven't tried to be more positive, take action. You've read books, listened to audios and visited websites for hours trying to find something that will answer the one question that has haunted you for years:

"Why am I not where I want to be financially, mentally, or spiritually?" You've certainly done as much as you can, but it's as if there was a wall holding you back from showing the world who you REALLY are.

Why is that?

For decades people just like you have been frustrated by the same dilemma. But to the surprise and amazement of some, they were able to finally break down that wall that held them back their entire lives. What finally made the difference in their lives and could it work for you too?

For those who have achieved massive and fast breakthroughs in their lives, there are 5 main factors at play...when tackled in the right way can unleash a power of change in your life you have been trying to find for years - (no wonder most people never figure this out!)

  • Conquering Fear
  • Boosting Self Confidence
  • Controlling Stress
  • Cleaning Your Body From The Inside
  • Power Up Your Mind

Before I go on, I must warn you...

Once you use this 5-step system, you're going to be very upset especially if you've wasted the last year or more of your've suffered through anxious, uncomfort and even gut-wrenching fear as you the pain of low self-esteem or self-confidence

Now, here's the story of how I stumbled on this powerful, life-changing system:

My name is Jeff Smith, and up until the last 7 years, I quietly suffered from near paralyzing low self-confidence and my life was stuck in a rut.

You may know what I mean, not just the feeling that you're no longer having fun in your life, but the fear and anxiety of falling behind!

The feeling of having lost control over your energy, creativity and happiness … and... the sheer terror of not knowing where you will be in another year if something doesn't change - and fast!

I lived this frustration, so believe me when I say:

I know how hopeless being stuck in a rut can be.

I have lived the rollercoaster ride of feeling good then feeling really bad

I know the frustration that when one day rolls into the next and nothing good is happening for you

I know what it's like to hide from those around you because you have lost your self-confidence

I understand how hard it is to get up in the morning when every day seems painfully like the other

I know the feeling of chronic stress as it knots up your stomach, shoulders and saps every last ounce of energy from you

But most of all:

I know what it's like to be totally desperate for a solution!

And then one day I uncovered a Shocking Discovery that completely turned my life around by giving me my energy and self-confidence back and finally busting me out of the rut I had been living in for so many years.

And get this...

This Solution Had Nothing To Do With Normal "Expert" Advice!

But remarkebly, this single discovery is the ONLY reason I now have regained control over my life, my happiness and no longer live in a world of fear and anxiety.

Yet looking at this powerful system and how utterly simple it was to apply, I have stop from slapping myself for not doing this sooner saving years of gut-wrenching anxiety, lost potential and discomfort...not to mention the relationships and opportunities lost along the way.


Jeff, Your statement on Page 39, "Lack of action is always a symptom of other imbalances in your life", hits the nail on the head as to why your program can be a success. Having written about success and taught seminars in businesses, colleges, churches and even prison for the past 20+ years, I'm always on the lookout to learn and grow myself. You present some extraordinary ideas and I enjoyed and learned much. Your "8 pillars of greatness" is concise and well written . . .and inspires one to take "action" to find and correct their "imbalances".

- Barry Rice


Let me share exactly what that discovery was, but first let me tell you my personal story (I've never shared this with ANYONE else)

Does This Sound Familiar To You?

I still look back at those times and can't believe what I was going through...

Lying wide awake in bed at 7:00AM one dark, winter morning trying with every ounce of my being to summon enough energy to make my way 8-steps to the shower to get yet another day underway.

Feeling like I had been out on a 3-day binge (when I hadn't had a drink), my head thumping, my stomach already in knots in anticipation of another day filled with frustration, anxiety capped off by the same boring routine was nearly too much to take.

Then, the sheer terror of having to face my boss and co-workers set in...there's nothing worse than facing significant challenges when your health and self-confidence is at an all-time low - not knowing what will set you off and perhaps make you snap and embarrass yourself in front of the people most important to you in your life.

What really convinced me to desperately find a solution to this pain and suffering was the near paralysis and total collapse of my immune system - the consequence of years of barbaric levels of stress, frustration, anxiety, and low was time to look for answers once and for all.

I'm almost ashamed to say that I tried EVERYTHING...

I tried completely altering my diet

I went to 7 different doctors and underwent months of painful, embarrassing tests

I took extra time off work, thinking I just needed some extra rest

I swallowed hundreds of pills and antibiotics as I went from cold to cold

I put my entire life on hold for more than 1-year scared out of my wits about what was wrong with me

All Of This...And Nothing Worked!

This was the darkest of days...

Not only was I unhappy and bored

I was purposely avoiding everyone around me...too scared and anxious to even think about what would happen if I had to put myself on the line.

I'm sure you know what I mean when I say zero self-confidence? Maybe you're not there yet, but I sure was. I couldn't speak to my boss, my co-workers, friends - even family - it seemed like they were ALL more confident than I was.

No wonder I was stuck in a rut, not accomplishing ANY of the things I had dreams about...instead I was too wrapped up in my own condition, too fearful, too anxious...

I was too much of a wreck!

Each day was like the last, more anxiety, more disappointment, more was getting harder and harder to hold out hope affecting me just as much physically as mentally. I had forgotten completely how to feel good about myself.

As if that wasn't enough, what happened next was even worse!

I Couldn't Get Off The Couch!

This is almost too painful to talk about

We had just had our first child, we were in a tiny town home attached to noisy neighbors and when I got up that morning (I'll never forget this...), I went right to our living room couch and stayed there for the next 3-days!

Not because I wanted to, but because I HAD to! I couldn't get up.

I had lost close to 30lbs, hadn't eaten a proper meal in nearly 1-month, couldn't digest water, had partial paralysis of my arms and legs and was scared to death of what was next!

I was ONLY 32, had been healthy as a horse and now had missed 8 out of the last 10-days at work, couldn't digest my meals, had very little hope for the future and literally thought that I might be dying!

It's still painful to think about how SCARED I was at that point in my life.

It Doesn't Get Any Scarier Than This!

My life was in a downward spiral, but even still...there is one day I remember especially well.

We were just home with our first-born child 1-month, he was up as most babies are in the first few months and my wife was at wits end.

It was a Saturday night around 12AM midnight and the party next door was at full volume. My son was screaming, my wife was crying...begging me for help, not thinking she could stand it any longer.

I couldn't do anything but turn over and ignore them both...when they needed me the MOST. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think how much of a mess I was and how I couldn't help my family when they needed me the most.

My Family Even Gave Up On Me!

I'll always remember the look on the faces of those around me who knew that medically there was nothing wrong with me, and couldn't put up with my symptoms any longer.

I was completely useless...dragging everyone around me down, devoid of hope for those struggling around me and so they were ready to carry on life without me...

There's no doubt about it...this was the absolute WORST day of my entire life!

I remember summoning enough strength to scream at whoever would listen "What Is Wrong With Me!!"

Then - I Decided, "That It...There Has To Be A Better Way"

I had reached my breaking point!

No more doctors, No more motivational coaches...and No more of the same solutions that tell us to "think positive and everything will improve"

Immediately - two things happened that led to a life-changing experience for me...

First, I took matters into my own hands and spent hundreds of hours researching my condition, uncovering research and proof that led to the system we're going to show you below.

Second, I sought the help of an expert that had helped thousands of others just like me... but had a very different approach.

Astonishingly, I fit 20-years of research, study and consultation with my secret expert in a little less than 3-weeks.

Day and night - every moment was occupied learning everything I could about my lack of self-confidence, why I was stuck in a rut and why it was severely impacting my health.

What I discovered was both shocking and infuriating - how could people not know what was happening to them, like...

The #1 Most Critical Factor In "Getting Unstuck" In Your Life!

Believe me, I had been through so many different programs intended to improve my self confidence and self-esteem, to improve happiness and resistance to sress, and to improve the health challenges that were ailing me I was extremely skeptical about ANY findings

In fact, if it hadn't been for the insistance of my "expert" based on his years of experience, I probably wouldn't have ever tried what I discovered.

But thankfully, on that day I realized...

The Common Solutions To Low Self-Confidence, Stress Management and High Achievement Completely Miss The Mark By Trying To "Cover It Up" Rather Than Deal With The Real Cause.

Let's get down to it

As someone who has suffered with low self-esteem or is really stuck in a rut in your life, you know that these feelings of going nowhere are based on a combination of factors...

  • Not knowing what you REALLY want out of life
  • Being sidelined by stress in your life
  • Fear, fear of losing, fear of not getting, fear of being embarrassed, fear of pretty much everything
  • Low or No energy to carry out what you really want to do
  • Reduced self-confidence and self-esteem has paralyzed you
  • Poor health has taken over your life

Yet, we constantly get told to focus on one, maybe two of these factors as if that will instantly elevate your self-confidence, improve your happiness and turn you into a highly productive achievement machine.

All of these so-called solutions will do NOTHING to help you really take back control of your life, become more confident and self-assured, happier and healthier...

The truth of the matter is...

You Have Been BADLY Mislead

It's unfortunate to say, but we have all been lied to - and for that, we should be ANGRY!

you see, we have two groups of so-called professionals that have tried to deal with the challenge of personal achievement and success in two completely different ways...

The medical system - doctors, clinicians, specialists and the like treat the health-related symptoms with band-aid type solutions - but do little or nothing to uncover the real root-cause of why your health is being destroyed.

On the other side, you have motivational and personal development guru's who believe the solution to your problems is "to stay positive", to "attract greatness into your life"...unfortunately that doesn't help you when you are paralyzed by fear, anxiety and can't break out of this never-ending rut you find yourself in.

It's absolutely crazy to think...

That we are NOT being told the truth about why we get so stuck in our lives, why we have no energy left to dig ourselves out of this situation and why we can't seem to get feeling happier and better - no matter what we try.

Then, I made a shocking realization...

* Hallelujah! * The No-Fail, 5-Step System For Breaking Through Your "Stuck-In-A-Rut" Syndrome!

There's something I discovered that nobody is talking about...and without it you will continue to struggle to improve confidence, build self esteem and attract inner peace and prosperity into your life...what is that secret "IT" that I, and so many others have been missing?

Just like there is no one-single step that you can take to accomplish anything in life, getting unstuck and accomplishing incredible achievement in your life takes a specific series of steps - and that's the REAL solution.

Let me ask you this, when you cook yourself a meal, there is no one single step that automatically results in your meal is there?

No, first you need to understand what you want to eat, then you buy the ingredients after which you may look up a recipe and then you must follow a series of steps to cook the food finally wrapping it all up with a brilliant presentation.

Your meal won't happen if you haven't figured out what you want? Nor will it happen if you forget to buy the ingredients or fail to cook your food in the right way.

Getting unstuck, improving your self-confidence and achieving your goals is exactly the same as cooking a meal - a series of very specific and proven steps that when followed, will lead to an amazing result.

After Following This 5-Step System:

People around me instantly noticed a difference and wanted to be around me.

My fogginess, headaches, and constant unwellness went away...suddenly I had a surge of energy and vitality!

All that anxiety and fear went water down a stream.

Suddenly, I saw the beauty and wonder of life again...I was ALIVE!

My self-confidence and self esteem surged as if I was in complete control of my confidence for the first time in 8-years!

Finally, I had the courage to live as I had dreamed all along...

It's hard to put words to the feelings of such drastic relief, overwhelming joy and amazing levels of confidence and's as if I was born again, but this time with ALL of the answers!

My ability to face anyone, make new friends, achieve greater levels of financial freedom, know how to relax and enjoy life have increased's like I was a completely different person - and I know, I felt like I was.

By now, I'm sure you are wondering what was so special about this 5-part system...

So, let me get to the point...

It's Time To Finally Unveil The Real Secret To Unlimited Potential
In Your Life!

This system is so powerful I have decided to make all of this information available to you so that you can finally break free of the funk that has held you back all this time and surge ahead confidently into a life of total happiness and fulfillment.


Beyond Greatness!"

"Develop Unstoppable Self-Confidence And Crush Procrastination Forever!"

"Beyond Greatness" Unleashes The Most Proven, Powerful, 5-Step System That Will Boost Your Self-Confidence, Breakthrough Procrastination In Your Life And Load You With An More Energy Than A Locomotive!

It's So Simple...If You Follow These 5 Breakthrough Steps, You WILL See Results, Guaranteed...or Your Money Back!

Inside You'll Discover

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

The #1 nasty health challenge 75% of people don't know they have, but holds them back - and how to overcome it in just days!

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

The secret about exactly how to be happy no matter what your current situation

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

How to attract desirable people into your life...while negative people will run away.

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

To Overcome the nagging fear of never finding the right person to be with in your life.

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

The #1 method of eliminating worry and constant fear from your life.

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

A little known, simple and quick way to turn stress into positive energy in your life...anytime you want!

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

Must have way to have an unstoppable belief in yourself that attracts positive energy and achievement to you.

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

How to Unleash unbelievable self confidence and self assurance allowing you to take on new challenges without a second thought

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

3 ways to take back control of your health, energy and happiness allowing you to sleep like a baby at night

Plus Much More...

NOW! Stop Being Held Back - Are You Ready To Show The World The "Real You?"!

Ok, I'll admit it...I've been holding something back.

I just wasn't sure you were ready to hear this...but I'm going to tell you anyway.

Not only can you achieve immediate, lasting benefit by getting "Unstuck" in your get an EVEN BIGGER benefit:

By following the 5-step system we exact detail your transformation will put into motion an energy...a outward demonstration of such confidence and self-assuredness that the world will become your oyster!

I'm not talking about some theoretical belief in "magical attraction", though I believe you will gain that as well...what I AM talking about is the fact that the critical factors to higher achievement in life such as: Energy, Self-Confidence, Boundless Enthusiasm, Attractive Looks, Bright Happiness, and Being Likeable will ensure you incredible progress realizing your dreams, goals and objectives in life.

Can you remember a time when you have driven Abundance away from your life?

With this system, abundance will be draw toward your life.

Get Ready! Your Life Will Start To Change...Today!

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

Imagine being in a constant state of motivation, being matter what is happening around you

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

Living FREE of fear and worry that cripple your ability to enjoy life today.

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

Have at your command the #1 factor that attracts people to matter who they are!

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

No more embarrassment, in its place an unstoppable self-confidence and self-esteem that you feel and others see.

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

The exact techniques you can use to finally know what you want out of life!

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

Be able to apply highly effective STRESS BUSTERS in any situation to turn negative stress into positive energy.

redchk.gif - 997 Bytes

You have turned boring, "stuck in a rut", frustrating days into exciting, productive and LOVE to be ALIVE!

"Beyond Greatness" is a one-of-a-kind 5-step system for letting the world see your potential...and at long-last, relieving you from a life of pent-up frustration, anxiety and pain.

There is NO OTHER system that works like this one today - we know after researching and looking for months, we had to figure this out...and now you get it with a 100% Guarantee - or your money back - because we KNOW it will work for you!

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Remember, I know what it's like to be suffering hour-by-hour, day-by-day as you look for a solution that will get your life moving again and give you the self-esteem and self-confidence necessary to survive and thrive in today's world.

The #1 goal of this system is to quickly boost you into a happy, highly confident, productive, permanent state in your life...if that doesn't happen, then we don't want your money...simple as that!

All I request from you is that you learn and apply the 5-step "Beyond Greatness" steps.

That's all.

Let's Make This Decision Simple For You


 Beyond Greatness! 

Arm yourself with the Ultimate Formula for building Greatness into your life.

Let this Simple, 5-Step System give you the REWARDS of achieving powerful Self-Confidence, Prosperity WITH balance in your life, a long-awaited sense of fulfillment and happiness as you FINALLY get to show the world the real YOU!

You are GUARANTEED to have never come across the highly effective steps you are about to discover within this Top Selling Formula. Apply these techniques and experience Breakthrough advances in self-esteem, achievement and balanced success in your life.


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What happens to a car if you neglect changing the oil - it gets dirty, sticky and eventually, your car engine seizes up and STOPS WORKING!

Have you ever experienced a clogged drain in your kitchen often does it get better on it's own?

You are about to discover a little known yet widespread energy-sapping, disease-causing condition that holds Millions of people back from achieving their true potential - and even makes some of them deathly SICK!

Doctors and scientists are just now starting to uderstand the impact of toxins on our bodies. Find out what toxins you probably have RIGHT NOW and how to quickly, inexpensively and painlessly get rid of them FAST!

If you are finally ready to STOP being held back in life, to feel comfortable in more situations, gain the self-confidence to drive toward your goals, become automatically motivated defeating procrastination AND feel better, look better and become more successful in achieving balanced prosperity...take action RIGHT NOW!

So now, how much is all of this worth?

Up until now, the inforamtion in this package was only available to my personal coaching clients, and they paid $400/hour to get it...after months of pleading to convert this system into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step formula you now have access to it for MUCH less.

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